Jean Dress

Jean Dress

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Named for Charlotte & Izzy’s grandmother, Jean, this 100% Tencel mustard dress brings effortless style and class … just like the lady herself. 

Ethically made in the UK using eco-friendly materials, our signature dress can be worn with or without the two-sided tie making this shift dress a wonderfully versatile piece. 

Say Goodbye to Seasons 

All our garments are designed to be worn year-round. We believe that clothes should be versatile and we LOVE to that our clothes can be enjoyed for their cool feel in the summer, and layered up for snuggly style in the cooler months. 

What is Tencel? 

Tencel is a eco-friendly yarn made from Eucalyptus trees. Tencel uses less land and up to 20x less water than cotton, in addition the yarn itself is produced in a closed-loop system. Tencel is wrinkle-free, antibacterial and super soft in hand.