Eco-friendly Fashion

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last

Ethically made in the UK from sustainable materials, Nula is a eco-friendly womenswear label designed and run by sisters, Charlotte and Isobel.

We are passionate about ethical fashion, that’s why we only use sustainable materials and all our garments are ethically handcrafted in the UK (London to be exact!). 

We know these words are often shared around social media, but we are passionate about making this a cultural norm. Our clothes are designed to worn time and time again through-out the year, the only limitation is your imagination for style combos!

Sustainable Materials

We want to leave the planet better than we found it, that is why we only use responsibly sourced materials.

Our first collection was almost entirely made from Tencel, a viscose yarn made from sustainable wood sourced and made using a closed loop system. Using less water to produce than cotton this is a great alternative to traditional water hungry fabrics. Moisture wicking and breathable this fabric also needs to be washed less often, which is great for the planet.

Handcrafted in the UK

Designed in Whitstable and handcrafted in London our garments are made to last. 

Our garments are inspired by the Kentish coastline where we grew up, and are informed by a passion for clean contemporary lines. The result? A seaside style for the new decade.

Only travelling the 50 miles or so from London to our exclusive retailer, Ruskin, in Whitstable and Margate these garments have the smallest carbon footprint we could possible hope for.

Say Goodbye to Seasons

Our garments are designed to be worn all year around so you can wave goodbye to seasons.

We’re hate the idea of fashion seasons. This means we have designed our pieces are designed to be styled and restyled season on season. Pair with a chunky jumper or a short sleeved t-shirt and our garments will seamlessly transition from autumn to springtime.