Welcome to Nula

Seasonless style with a modern seaside aesthetic

We’re rejecting the idea of fashion seasons. This means that our pieces are designed to be styled and restyled season on season. Pair with a chunky jumper or a short sleeved t-shirt and our garments will seamlessly transition from autumn to springtime.

Named for the (famously) strong women of our family, Nula, brings together the strength of generations of adventurers, artists, performers and businesswomen. We are proud to be the product of a group women who never compromised on their dreams, and never let society or their gender limit them. 

Our garments are inspired by the Kentish coastline where we grew up, and are informed by a passion for clean contemporary lines. The result? A seaside style for the new decade. Designed in Whitstable and are made entirely in the UK (London to be exact) from responsibly sourced fabrics we are uncompromising in our efforts to make fashion slow and sustainable.

So who are we?

We are the Keeys sisters, Charlotte and Izzy, and we are the creative forces behind Nula’s laid back and wearable style. After growing up together in Whitstable, and then moving north to Edinburgh for university, our interests and aesthetics have grown together from the matching dresses of our childhoods to the simple shapes and sustainable fabrics you’ll find in Nula’s first releases. 

Now split between Edinburgh and Whitstable, we harnessing our design and creative experiences to bring Nula’s slow fashion philosophy to life.

We hope you’ll love what you find here!

Charlotte & Izzy x